endgame: people couldn't believe what I'd become (persona)
Sorry it's incomplete, will try to update with prompts for each pairing before assignments go out!

Last updated: 9/30

DNW: honestly, I'm fine with most things - including [insert-kink-here], infidelity, major character death, etc. My only major DNW is character or ship bashing. I've requested a lot of pairings here - if I've requested A/B and you'd like to write A/B that turns into B/C I'm okay with that, just please do it in a way that doesn't bash A/B.
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So, some of you may remember a post I did a while back on the layout of 221B (Original Post).
Since then, I've been working on a more accurate version. It's not yet finished, but I have the basic foundation of the flat down. It's still lacking furniture, but unlike my original model, this has the first two floors, so this should help people who were asking about the flat in reference to the street.

eight images under the cut )
endgame: people couldn't believe what I'd become (persona)
(this is why it's a very, very bad idea for me to get my hands on HQ screencaps of Sherlock)

In discussing some of the contents of Sherlock's flat with other fans, I was starting to get annoyed at the lack of good images showing the layout of Sherlock and John's flat. So, I made a quick mock-up of the flat in Sketch-up definitely the normal thing to do, right?
I would caution that my 3D model is nowhere near in scale and the proportions of the rooms themselves are inaccurate. Additionally, as the placement of furniture varies from scene to scene, I've generalised. There are also some parts of the flat that we haven't seen (for example, the ceiling of the living room--it's probably non-existent for lighting purposes) so I ignored those.)

It's also worth nothing that this is a completely different set from the pilot. The furniture and arrangement of the furniture is very similar, but there are notable differences: wall colour, the arched wall above the fireplace in the pilot, and part of the flat is a step up from the rest in the pilot (you see a good view of this when Sherlock falls on the floor while drugged, if you're curious).

It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles )

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